2017’s Top 17 Most Downloaded Episodes

And here’s our Top 17 most downloaded Top Coach episodes for 2017!
1. Johnny Cardenas, Stephen F Austin
2. Lindsay Meggs p2, Washington
3. Gary Gilmore, Coastal Carolina
4. Scott Malone p1, Texas A&M-Corpus Christi
5. Tim Corbin, Vanderbilt
6. Kermit Smith p1, Appalachian State
7. Mike Deegan p1, Denison University
8. Billy Wagner, The Miller School (VA)
9. Jim Penders p2, UConn
10. Lindsay Meggs p2, Washington
11. Todd Carroll, MIT
12. Scott Malone p2, Texas A&M-Corpus Christi
13. Rusty Stroupe, Gardner-Webb
14. Matt Parker, Oklahoma Wesleyan
15. Jay Johnson, Arizona
16. Travis Jewett, Tulane
17. Dan Pepicelli, Cornell
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