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TC250: Nate Metzger, Wright State

Episode 250! Seems like a lot, but in a way it feels like such a short journey. Four years ago it was just an idea that occurred on a dog walk. Validation from the inner circle of coaching friends was necessary to ensure that the idea had some merit. And input from this group was


TC249: Wes Brooks, Oxford (MS) High School

Wes Brooks has created quite a legend for himself down in Oxford, Alabama, first as an all-state performer in football and baseball, then right up the road as a record-setting baseball player at Jacksonville State, and of late as the super successful head coach of a state champion baseball team at his alma mater, Oxford

TC248: Tim Corbin on Communications

Communications can absolutely bury you, whether you’re running a company, an organization, or a team. Frankly, one’s own personal communications can be overwhelming. There was a day not that long ago when all that was vying for your attention from a communications standpoint was your home phone, your office phone, an answering machine, and regular

TC247: Dan Cimini, University Liggett HS (MI)

Four state championships in the last six years across multiple classes for University Liggett High School.  and head coach Dan Cimini. Coach Cimini and his boys are on a roll and they have the attention of the rest of the state of Michigan. This tiny private high school continues to play up over their head (in class

TC246: Doug Wren, Tyler Junior College

As many coaches will tell you, it is terribly hard to follow a legend. Former guest Jon Groth had built a successful program at Tyler (TX) Junior College and decided a few years back to step aside. One of his former players and then-assistant coach, Doug Wren, was tabbed to fill some big shoes. And

TC245: Rick O’Dette, St. Leo University

Things were moving along just fine for Rick O’Dette at his alma mater, St. Joseph’s College in Renssselaer, Indiana when he got the news that there would be no more baseball program after the 2017 season. Not only would there be no more baseball, there would be no more school. This fine school, which had

TC244: Mike Deegan, Denison University (part 2)

After an amazing response to part 1, we’ve got Denison University head baseball coach, Mike Deegan, back for part 2. In addition to having a great microphone for the interview, he’s got too many other things going for him to list. As I mentioned, the feedback we’ve gotten from part 1 was pretty amazing. Seems that Coach

TC243: Mike Deegan, Denison University

Today’s guest is another example of the quality coaches that labor in in relative obscurity in the NCAA Division 3 ranks. Anyone who knows coaching will tell you that some of the best coaches in the country are practicing their craft at the D3 level. Mike Deegan is one of the most respected coaches in

TC242: Jad Prachniak, West Chester

Fresh off an NCAA D2 World Series championship in Texas, West Chester‘s Jad Prachniak was exactly where you’d think he would be when I caught up with him for this interview. That’s right — recruiting. Specifically, he was sitting in his car (sweltering!) under an overpass for I-94 after completing a long day of scouting.

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TC241: AthleticOps.com Announcement, Jack Warren

  This week’s episode is not your regular coach interview. Instead we’re taking a brief time out to talk to you about some exciting changes here at Top Coach and Cornbelt Sports. We are thrilled to announce a new website that will debut in late June/early July, AthleticOps.com. This new site will focus on the

TC240: Craig Rainey, Adrian College

Couldn’t believe it is only our fourth trip to the great baseball state of Michigan! Only the fourth, but we’re making it count with someone who’s been able to sustain success for 25 years at Adrian College in Adrian, Michigan. Head coach Craig Rainey has seen an incredible run the last 15 seasons or so,

TC239: Jeremy Sheetinger, Top Coach Commencement

In what we hope becomes an annual tradition at Top Coach, Jeremy Sheetinger, college division liaison for the ABCA, gives our first ever Top Coach Commencement speech. Consider this a “sending off” for new coaches, as well as words of wisdom and encouragement for newer and veteran coaches. This episode is going to knock your

TC238: Greg Appleton, Columbus State

In the talent rich state of Georgia, there’s some awfully good baseball being played. Over the last 20 years there’s maybe no place that’s been winning more consistently than Columbus State University. During that span, head coach Greg Appleton has guided the Cougars to over 700 wins, three trips to the NCAA D2 World Series,

TC237: Jim Collins, Uncommon Hope

I’ve known Jim Collins for years. Although we met through baseball, it just so happens that Jim and his three siblings grew up a couple of houses away from my wife and her three siblings in the tiny town of Towanda, Illinois, right on Route 66. I wish that my interview with Jim in this

TC236: Dan Pepicelli, Cornell

He got his start in the NCAA Division 3 ranks in New York state and jumped to the biggest of big time, landing in Clemson, South Carolina on Jack Leggett’s staff for six years. When the Leggett era ended at Clemson, Dan Pepicelli had a decision to make and it appeared that the door opened

TC235: Cal Bailey, West Virginia State (encore)

This is only the second time that we have presented a previously aired episode as our regular episode of the week. You’ll absolutely not want to miss this episode. I’m often asked for my favorite episodes of Top Coach. That’s a difficult list to put together, but I can tell you this — West Virginia

TC234: Jay Johnson, Arizona

Something special is happening in the state of Arizona. Jay Johnson came into Tempe with little on the resume that would give an indication of how things would play out. To say he’s been a pleasant surprise would be an understatement. University of Arizona baseball is on a roll in this, Johnson’s second season, and

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AthleticOps.com Set To Launch on August 7

Launching under the broad Cornbelt Sports umbrella on August 7 is our new website, AthleticOps.com. AthleticOps.com is dedicated to all things in the realm of athletic operations. That would include, but is definitely not limited to: Travel Lodging Equipment Compliance Uniforms Scheduling Meals Alumni relations Media and public relations Special events On campus recruiting Camps

A Lesson in Leadership from Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln’s letter to General Joseph Hooker In 1863, President Abraham Lincoln wrote a letter to then Army of the Potomac General Joseph Hooker. Seems that General Hooker was a man with aspirations — enough to travel all the way from California to speak with Lincoln in Washington and enough to perhaps not give his immediate

No response is the new response?

by Jack Warren Over the last year or so, it has become increasingly apparent that many people deem no response to be an acceptable response. Now, don’t get me wrong – I understand as well as anyone that the volume of communications (emails, phone calls, texts, direct messages, etc.) received on a daily basis has

Change your attitude, change your course

by Jack Warren One of my all-time favorite films is the Coen Brothers classic, O’ Brother, Where Art Thou? A combination of a great story, wonderful setting, great acting, and a superbly written script make this a film that I have watched at least 15 times. In the broadest sense, it’s a story about three

Child-like wonder (it’s a good thing)

by Jack Warren There is exactly one TV show that I make a point to watch every week. Believe it or not, it’s Little Big Shots with Steve Harvey (NBC, Sunday night). Why do I love this show so much? Yes, it’s cute. Yes, it’s entertaining. Yes, Steve Harvey is funny. The thing that compels

The Definition of Insanity

by Jack Warren Three to four times a week, the midpoint of my run is the transportation center in downtown Normal, Illinois, where I stop for a drink of water. The first thing I typically see upon entering the building is the Amtrak departures and arrivals board. And because I run about the same time

TC Resource: Gina Parris on Listening

We’re glad to have old friend Gina Parris back on Top Coach to talk this time about listening. What an important topic for a coach. This is something that we all need. Some of the things that Gina covers in this episode: Listening to understand Silence Eye contact Getting buy-in Leadership is influence Be a

How Operations aids effiency

In part two of our Operations video series, Jack talks about how Operations can help you and your team, program, or organization break through to a new level of efficiency. Jack also talks about putting the operations function into the right and and providing your staff with the right information. Get more information and reserve

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