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TC198: Matt McGuire, Roanoke College

Back to one of our favorite states to visit with Matt McGuire, head coach at Roanoke College in the very strong Old Dominion Athletic Conference. Coach McGuire grew up not far from Roanoke College, so this was like a homecoming. He played his college baseball at William & Mary, recruited to replace our good friend


TC197: Allen Gum, Central Arkansas

Finally! Yes, we’ve plugged that gaping hole in our Top Coach Guest Map that’s right over Arkansas. And we’ve done it in a big way with the incredibly successful and popular head coach at the University of Central Arkansas, Allen Gum. Coach Gum is Arkansas born and bred and, except for a brief foray right

TC196: Wayne Welton, Michigan

Today we’re talking to actor Jeff Daniels’ teammate on the Chelsea (MI) High School baseball team. And, oh yeah, Wayne Welton had 767 wins as the head coach at his alma mater and won a state championship. And he played college baseball for former guest (and former ABCA executive director) Dave Keilitz. And he’s currently

TC195: Joe Ferraro, Bronxville (NY) HS

Many of you know Joe Ferraro as the golden-throated half of the wildly popular KWB Radio podcast with his co-host (and former Top Coach guest) Kevin Wilson. We’ve had Joe and Kevin on before to discuss some very deep subjects like food and teaching young players, but this time we’ve got Joe on solo. This

TC194: Steve Dintaman, Sinclair CC

It’s been an incredible game of Can You Top This for Sinclair Community College and head coach Steve Dintaman the last few years, capping an amazing 53-win 2016 season with a run to the NJCAA D2 World Series in Enid, Oklahoma. In this episode we talk about the sports Coach Dintaman played growing up (he

TC193: Brian Green, New Mexico

I knew there was something I liked about this guy when I started the conversation. Turns out he was taking his wife on a date after the interview. Now there’s a guy who understands what’s important. That man is Brian Green, head coach of the Aggies of New Mexico State University. In just two short years

TC192: Brian Summar, Murfreesboro (TN) Central Magnet School

This might be the very first coach that we’ve had on Top Coach that has never ever gotten paid a cent for coaching, despite the fact that he’s done it for years. And as you’ll hear in the interview, Brian Summar, assistant coach at Central Magnet School in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, is loving every minute and


TC191: Nick Puccio, Nichols College

We’re heading way up into the Northeast this week to talk to the head coach at NCAA D3 Nichols College in Dudley, Massachussets, Nick Puccio. After listening to Coach Puccio for just a few minutes, you’ll see why this young coach is able to rally the troops. He took a program that had been down

TC190: Tom Austin, Methodist University

37 years, over 1100 wins, and 6 NCAA D3 College World Series appearances. That’s a pretty good resume right there,. But there’s so much more to Tom Austin, as you’ll find out in this interview. Coach Austin knew from a young age that he had an interest in coaching, as illustrated (literally) by the plays

TC 189: Chip Baker, Florida State

We’ve been looking forward to this interview for a long time. Chip Baker is a popular man on the Florida State campus. Not only because of what he’s accomplished, but because of an infectious and magnetic personality. I’d almost go as far as to say he’s a cult hero in Tallahassee (almost). He’s was a

TC188: Paul Zwaska, Beacon Athletics

Paul Zwaska could be your best friend. He’s certainly here to make your life easier. Well, at least when it comes to dirt and grass. Paul is THE guy at Beacon Athletics when it comes to field maintenance. He’s had a three decade long love affair with dirt and lots grass stains on his pants

TC187: Dan Morgan, Jenks HS (OK)

Our first high school coach from Oklahoma represents the state well. With over four decades of coaching and over 900 wins, Dan Morgan is still going strong. Most of those victories were racked up at Okmulgee High School. Now he’s right up the road at Jenks High School and doesn’t appear to have slowed down in

TC186: Greg Blanchard, Lorena HS (TX)

When Greg Blanchard signed on at Lorena High School in Texas 35 years ago (or so), he did so only when the school agreed to let him start up the long dormant baseball program. As with most coaches in Texas, it seems like they’ve at least got a foot in the football program. Coach Blanchard


Broken Windows

by Jack Warren While running the other day, I made my usual pit stop at Uptown Station to get a drink of water and catch my breath. Upon entering, I noticed that for at least the fifth day in a row, the monitor displaying the Amtrak arrivals and departures was not functioning properly, but only

A broken system?

by Jack Warren June is a month for the highest of highs and lowest of lows in the athletic coaching profession. It’s the month where the competent, not-so-competent, and just plain unfortunate lose their jobs and where some are provided the opportunity to show what they’ve got in a new position. Since I have so

Seek out opportunities to speak

by Jack Warren Whether it’s looking for an opportunity to advance or an opportunity for self-development in your current position, one of the skills that need not be overlooked is the ability to express yourself well. That can take of the form of written communication, but equally or perhaps more important is the ability to

Let them know. Now.

by Jack Warren, editor and host of Top Coach With the passing of Pat Summit this week, I was once again reminded of a life’s impact through the wonderful sentiments from hundreds of individuals around the country who have been impacted by this great basketball coach. Paraphrasing what Billy Graham once said, coaches can impact

Trust and Teamwork – lessons learned from I-26

by Jack Warren On a recent drive through South Carolina I-26, I was reminded of what I see frequently everywhere, but it’s never more apparent than when I drive on I-94 through Wisconsin. That is, drivers who camp out in the left lane on the interstate highway. Moving along at a pretty good clip through

Who’s your opening act?

I listened to an interview with a long time, well known comedian the other day. One part of the interview that caught my attention was when he reflected on getting his start in the stand-up comedy world. He said the real breakthrough came when a very well-known comedian asked him to be the opening act

Choosing the right people for leadership positions

by Jack Warren, Top Coach host and editor “History has consistently demonstrated that one of the top reasons why the wrong people are selected for leadership positions is because they are chosen based on prior accomplishments that have nothing to do with leadership.” One of the most important decisions you’ll make in your organization is

Make time for what’s important

by Jack Warren, Top Coach host and editor “If it’s all about baseball, then you’re on the wrong field.” – Jack Warren, Top Coach Alright, guys, I’ve got a topic that’s going to hit home hard with some of you. Frankly, after some of the stories I’ve heard in the last few years, perhaps it’s