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TC206: Rich Hill, University of San Diego (part 1)

Much of what the University of San Diego’s head baseball coach does comes from his desire to help influence young lives, much the same as what helped him coming from a divorced home. Rich Hill has been paying it back — and forward — for nearly three decades now in a big way. Hill comes


TC205: Mike Rooney: ESPN, Perfect Game

Oh, it’s a good day whenever we get our good friend, Mike Rooney, back on the line. As usual with Roons, we’re all over the board with the topics. Today’s smorgasbord includes: T.D. Ameritrade Stadium in Omaha College World Series review The state of college baseball (scholarships, roster limits, paid coaching positions) 2016 coaching changes

TC204: Zach Graefser-Tom Gillespie, MLB Int’l

Back in episode 167 we gathered an international panel at the ABCA convention in Nashville to talk about the state of international baseball — outside of the existing hotbeds of the game. We spent a lot of time talking about the game in Europe. Today we bring in two guys who know the European game

TC 203: Adam Rosales, San Diego Padres

We veer just a bit off of our traditional path today to talk to Adam Rosales of the San Diego Padres. Adam will give us some great insight into what he learned from his coaches and other important people in his life that helped to propel him to Major League Baseball. Adam also discusses some

TC202: Mike Gambino, Boston College (part 2)

We are excited to welcome Boston College head coach Mike Gambino back for a second episode! In part 1, Coach Gambino shared a lot about his overall philosophies. This episode we drill down quite a bit to talk about the ACC and changing conference affiliations, travel (as a practical matter), “family dinners”, the work/life balance, “selling” a program vs.

TC201: David Valesente, Wells College

There are just not a lot of brand new programs starting each season, but when they do, it’s fascinating to peek inside and see what all needs to be done to get the program off the ground. Today we’re talking to David Valesente, head coach of the new program at Wells College in New York

TC200: Mike Gambino, Boston College (part 1)

When you think of ACC baseball, you’re not necessarily thinking of a team in the Northeast, but Boston College certainly got some folks to do a geographical readjustment this season. Coming out of a very tough ACC Atlantic division, the Eagles finished just one game shy of Omaha, losing a three game Super Regional to


TC 199: Brian Shoop, Alabama-Birmingham

The number of times that Brian Shoop‘s name has been brought up on Top Coach is hard to remember. Let’s just say that many coaches, including Auburn’s Butch Thompson, have listed Coach Shoop as one of their great influences. When you listen to the head coach of the University of Alabama-Birmingham in this episode, you’ll

TC198: Matt McGuire, Roanoke College

Back to one of our favorite states to visit with Matt McGuire, head coach at Roanoke College in the very strong Old Dominion Athletic Conference. Coach McGuire grew up not far from Roanoke College, so this was like a homecoming. He played his college baseball at William & Mary, recruited to replace our good friend

TC197: Allen Gum, Central Arkansas

Finally! Yes, we’ve plugged that gaping hole in our Top Coach Guest Map that’s right over Arkansas. And we’ve done it in a big way with the incredibly successful and popular head coach at the University of Central Arkansas, Allen Gum. Coach Gum is Arkansas born and bred and, except for a brief foray right

TC196: Wayne Welton, Michigan

Today we’re talking to actor Jeff Daniels’ teammate on the Chelsea (MI) High School baseball team. And, oh yeah, Wayne Welton had 767 wins as the head coach at his alma mater and won a state championship. And he played college baseball for former guest (and former ABCA executive director) Dave Keilitz. And he’s currently

TC195: Joe Ferraro, Bronxville (NY) HS

Many of you know Joe Ferraro as the golden-throated half of the wildly popular KWB Radio podcast with his co-host (and former Top Coach guest) Kevin Wilson. We’ve had Joe and Kevin on before to discuss some very deep subjects like food and teaching young players, but this time we’ve got Joe on solo. This

TC194: Steve Dintaman, Sinclair CC

It’s been an incredible game of Can You Top This for Sinclair Community College and head coach Steve Dintaman the last few years, capping an amazing 53-win 2016 season with a run to the NJCAA D2 World Series in Enid, Oklahoma. In this episode we talk about the sports Coach Dintaman played growing up (he


Think/Read/Listen Outside the Box

by Jack Warren, Top Coach editor and host I want you to [cliché alert] think outside the box. More than that, however, I want you to read and listen outside the box. What box? Your box. Specifically, your baseball box. Take a look at your bookshelf the next time you’re in the office. How many

The Meme Train

by Jack Warren, Top Coach editor and host Back in his junior high days, my youngest son decided to give wrestling a shot. He was new to the sport and did surprisingly well. He was also new to the wrestling culture. His stories always served as the fodder for some good laughs, as Alex was

Read a biography!

by Jack Warren, Top Coach editor and host If you are like most leaders, you tend to read books – whether it be a few books a year or a few books a month. And like a typical reader, those titles may include self-help, history, how-to, fiction, and more. Among coaches, self-help and how-to are

Networking vs. relationship building

by Jack Warren, Top Coach editor and host It’s the caricature of the young realtor or insurance agent, handing out their business cards at a Chamber of Commerce luncheon or other get-together. Baseball coaches don’t typically use business cards, but you get the idea. At a convention, clinic, showcase event, or other gathering, coaches are

Complaining rewires the brain

by Jack Warren, editor and host of Top Coach Baseball I don’t often point to someone else’s work in this space, but this column is just too good to not pass along. I envision this being required read for organizations from top to bottom. Nearly every single point in this column is worth considering, but two

The Value of a Mastermind Group

by Jack Warren, editor and host of Top Coach In the summer of 2015, my dear bride and I took a long-postponed anniversary trip down the length of California’s Pacific Coast Highway. Despite the buildup and the long wait, neither one of us were disappointed in the least. It was everything we expected and more.

Commitment Hike: Building a culture at New Mexico State

by Jack Warren We recently had as a guest on Top Coach, New Mexico State head coach, Brian Green. In that episode, Coach Green talked about the culture he’s trying to create in Las Cruces, speaking often in terms of culture, vision, and mindset. Check out this video that he sent us that demonstrates some

Broken Windows

by Jack Warren While running the other day, I made my usual pit stop at Uptown Station to get a drink of water and catch my breath. Upon entering, I noticed that for at least the fifth day in a row, the monitor displaying the Amtrak arrivals and departures was not functioning properly, but only