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TC193: Brian Green, New Mexico

I knew there was something I liked about this guy when I started the conversation. Turns out he was taking his wife on a date after the interview. Now there’s a guy who understands what’s important. That man is Brian Green, head coach of the Aggies of New Mexico State University. In just two short years

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TC192: Brian Summar, Murfreesboro (TN) Central Magnet School

This might be the very first coach that we’ve had on Top Coach that has never ever gotten paid a cent for coaching, despite the fact that he’s done it for years. And as you’ll hear in the interview, Brian Summar, assistant coach at Central Magnet School in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, is loving every minute and

TC191: Nick Puccio, Nichols College

We’re heading way up into the Northeast this week to talk to the head coach at NCAA D3 Nichols College in Dudley, Massachussets, Nick Puccio. After listening to Coach Puccio for just a few minutes, you’ll see why this young coach is able to rally the troops. He took a program that had been down

TC190: Tom Austin, Methodist University

37 years, over 1100 wins, and 6 NCAA D3 College World Series appearances. That’s a pretty good resume right there,. But there’s so much more to Tom Austin, as you’ll find out in this interview. Coach Austin knew from a young age that he had an interest in coaching, as illustrated (literally) by the plays

TC 189: Chip Baker, Florida State

We’ve been looking forward to this interview for a long time. Chip Baker is a popular man on the Florida State campus. Not only because of what he’s accomplished, but because of an infectious and magnetic personality. I’d almost go as far as to say he’s a cult hero in Tallahassee (almost). He’s was a

TC188: Paul Zwaska, Beacon Athletics

Paul Zwaska could be your best friend. He’s certainly here to make your life easier. Well, at least when it comes to dirt and grass. Paul is THE guy at Beacon Athletics when it comes to field maintenance. He’s had a three decade long love affair with dirt and lots grass stains on his pants

TC187: Dan Morgan, Jenks HS (OK)

Our first high school coach from Oklahoma represents the state well. With over four decades of coaching and over 900 wins, Dan Morgan is still going strong. Most of those victories were racked up at Okmulgee High School. Now he’s right up the road at Jenks High School and doesn’t appear to have slowed down in

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TC186: Greg Blanchard, Lorena HS (TX)

When Greg Blanchard signed on at Lorena High School in Texas 35 years ago (or so), he did so only when the school agreed to let him start up the long dormant baseball program. As with most coaches in Texas, it seems like they’ve at least got a foot in the football program. Coach Blanchard

TC185: Billy Hayes, Battle Ground HS (WA)

Billy Hayes has one leg firmly planted in high school coaching and one leg in travel baseball. He’s the very successful coach at Battle Ground High School in Washington state, near the Washington/Oregon line. He also founded and runs Showtime Baseball in the same area. Hayes is the son of a coach who spent some

TC184: Randy Tomlin, Liberty Christian Academy (VA)

Like some recent former guests, Randy Tomlin has not ventured far from Lynchburg, Virginia — and that’s not a problem. Raised nearby and attending Liberty University, Tomlin only strayed away when the Pittsburgh Pirates came calling. Once that tour of duty was over, he returned to the Hill City to work with his alma mater

TC 183: Quincey Noble, McNair HS (CA)

Quincey Noble has seen and worked in much of the country and has worked at many levels during his coaching journey. All of those experiences have brought him to McNair High School in Stockton, California where it’s obvious that he’s found his real mission in life. Unlike some of our guests who grew up on

TC 182: Jon Shehan, Millersville University

Other than a brief foray into minor league baseball, Millersville University baseball coach Jon Shehan has not ventured far from home. He grew up near the campus, had relatives involved with the school, and he attended Millersville. Now he’s guiding the Marauders and, despite coming into a program with no field and no batting cages,

TC 181: Jason Dietrich, Cal State-Fullerton

He admittedly kind of stumbled into coaching, but it has been nothing but head down and learning his craft since he’s stepped into the arena. Jason Dietrich is in his fourth season as pitching coach for the well-respected program at Cal State Fullerton. He’s learned from some of the best along the way, including the


Seek out opportunities to speak

by Jack Warren Whether it’s looking for an opportunity to advance or an opportunity for self-development in your current position, one of the skills that need not be overlooked is the ability to express yourself well. That can take of the form of written communication, but equally or perhaps more important is the ability to

Let them know. Now.

by Jack Warren, editor and host of Top Coach With the passing of Pat Summit this week, I was once again reminded of a life’s impact through the wonderful sentiments from hundreds of individuals around the country who have been impacted by this great basketball coach. Paraphrasing what Billy Graham once said, coaches can impact

Trust and Teamwork – lessons learned from I-26

by Jack Warren On a recent drive through South Carolina I-26, I was reminded of what I see frequently everywhere, but it’s never more apparent than when I drive on I-94 through Wisconsin. That is, drivers who camp out in the left lane on the interstate highway. Moving along at a pretty good clip through

Who’s your opening act?

I listened to an interview with a long time, well known comedian the other day. One part of the interview that caught my attention was when he reflected on getting his start in the stand-up comedy world. He said the real breakthrough came when a very well-known comedian asked him to be the opening act

Choosing the right people for leadership positions

by Jack Warren, Top Coach host and editor “History has consistently demonstrated that one of the top reasons why the wrong people are selected for leadership positions is because they are chosen based on prior accomplishments that have nothing to do with leadership.” One of the most important decisions you’ll make in your organization is

Make time for what’s important

by Jack Warren, Top Coach host and editor “If it’s all about baseball, then you’re on the wrong field.” – Jack Warren, Top Coach Alright, guys, I’ve got a topic that’s going to hit home hard with some of you. Frankly, after some of the stories I’ve heard in the last few years, perhaps it’s

Make time to think

by Jack Warren, Top Coach host and editor “A day spent…thinking. It is a luxury and it is a necessity. If you do not take time to think, you are just reacting, and eventually events do your thinking for you.” — James Lileks One of the questions I ask in my staff development seminars is,

Serendipity as part of the creative process

by Jack Warren, Top Coach host and editor “How many great ideas have come to you in the shower or on a bike ride or a run or while watching a movie? Think about it. Serendipity.” Serendipity. Sounds like a fanciful word – one that might have been used in the Harry Potter universe. It